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Water-blocking Tape

Seawater blocking capability

Fast swell
Suitable for direct fibre contact
High yield
Suitable for fast processing
Low electrical resistance
Good cushioning properties
Asymmetric swell if required
Proven long term performance

Product details

Application recommendation:

Our water-blocking tapes have an excellent swelling property. When water enters into a cable protected by water-blocking tape, the super absorbent powder within the tape instantly forms a water-blocking gel, that prevents further and more costly damage to the cable.

Water-blocking tape tapes prevent the progression of water deep into many types of critical cable designs.

Product parameters
Can be negotiated.
It is a combination of tape, yarn, or coating to prevent longitudinal penetration of water into the cable core. The main principle is to use a kind of polymer that can absorb water and quickly form a gel to fill the seepage channel through the expansion of hydrogel. It is widely used In optical fiber cable, data cable, telecom cable, and control cable.

Proven high performance in swelling and water blocking
Process friendly


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