Multi-functional Plastic Modifie


Multi-functional Plastic Modifier can be widely used in processing and modification of PE, PVC and other common new engineering plastics.It has significant effect in processing and modification of PE, PVC recycled plastics.
GX-100 is a kind of polymer composites that mixes with plastics in the form of nanometer materials and then forms a stable network  structure when they gets squeezed in high temperature. With the non-toxic, tasteless, harmless and lowdensity characteristics,It can synthetically replace the plastic reinforcer, smoothing agent and so on.
Product Name
Multi-functional Plastic Modifie

Feature(Based on the tests of Recycled PE)
1. It can greatly improve the tensile properties of plastics.

2. It can improve the processing performance of plastics(make the surface more smooth).
Recycled PE will have the phenomenon of the leachy granule,rough surface and agglutinating granule after the process.And the plastic product may have the snakeskin stria,pore and wrinkle.The test of the final industrial product shows that Our plastic modifier GX-100 can effectively improve the surface finish and anti-caking effect of final plastic product when its mixed proportion is 1‰.