Product Name
OCG6000 is a specifically designed for the protection of aluminum wire and steel-core Super heat-resistant aluminum alloy wire-special design of anti-corrosion and lubrication grease.

OCG6000 is preservative lubricating grease. It does still soft in low temperature -20℃, and it does not drip high temperature 210℃,  and it have thixotropy suitable for cold filling technology.  its oil separation is zero,  It has excellent antiseptic antioxidant properties and long term stability.

OCG6000 Lubricating grease has good compatibility with steel, aluminum material , it have very good anticorrosion performance.  But when we recommend that you use to contact with steel and aluminum materials of grease for compatibility test. May not be compatible with different types of grease, the bare wire should be thoroughly flushed, remove residual lubricant before using in order to avoid incompatible problem.


OCG6000 grease is designed for cold coating technology, don't need to be heated before use.