LF-90 is specifically designed for interstitial filling and flooding of optical fiber cable applications.

LF-90 is a cold filling, thixotropic, water-blocking compound based on highly refined white mineral oil. LF-90 exhibits zero oil separation, particle size <100micron and excellent resistance to oxidation for long-term stability. LF-90 remains soft and flexible at low temperatures and non-draining at high temperatures.

Product Name

Flooding Compound For Optical Fiber Cable  


 LF-90 is compatible with most polymers, steel / aluminum tapes, steel wires and FRP’s. Tests on typical polymers and other materials show minimal interaction But it is recommended that compatibility tests are made with all materials likely to come into contact with the gel.



LF-90 is suitable for cold pumping and processing enabling cable filling without voids created by compound shrinkage. A line-synchronized gel metering system is available comprising of a discharge pump, filling head and a metering control unit for stable dosing.