RB-300 series cable insulation filling compound is a electric wires and cables special filling compound, it can be filled in the middle of copper and PVC external casing, it has the water resistance, insulation, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages. It is widely used in networking, security, communications, Harbour, marine and mining and high water requirements in cable, wire and cable is preferred filling material to improve performance and reduce costs.



RB-300 series 100% water blocking effect can be achieved at low temperatures under -40oC are still soft, does not drip under high temperature 80oC。It has good thixotropy, also has excellent oxidation resistance and long-term stability.


Product Name

Cable Insulation Filling Compound


 RB-300 series both have good compatibility with most polymeric materials and has good compatibility with cable plastic materials, but, we recommend using all contact with polymer materials for compatibility testing.


RB-300 series is designed for cold-filling process, avoiding the gap due to compound shrinks.