TX - conductive Composite Water-based Adhesive



TX - conductive composite water-based adhesive is a kind of natural polymer derivatives for which our company has the completely independent intellectual property rights .It can provide good adhesion between electrode materials or electrode material and pole piece base material.With good mechanical stability,thermal stability,alkali resistance and freeze-thaw stability,it can effectively improve the duslting,falling off and craking of pole piece and is convenient for transportation,storage and processing.


Used in lithium ion battery, TX - 01 can completely replace the current oily PVDF binder, with many characteristics like green, safe and efficient. In addition, TX - 01 can partially replace commercial conductive additives such as acetylene black, with greatly improving the compacted density and electrical conductivity.


Product Name
TX - conductive Composite Water-based Adhesive



1. With excellent mechanical stability,it is suitable for high-speed mechanical dispersion with powder.
2. It has excellent cohesiveness,alkali resistance and freeze-thaw stability.
3. It has good thermal stability,because its decomposition temperature is more than 270℃.
4. Using water as medium,it can effectively avoid pollution and safety problems of solventbased