Quick-drying Glue


CM-1 has short film formation time and excellent elasticity,waterproofness,ageing resistance,insulativity and protection for metal.
1. Applied to the surface coating of the cable cores. It can form a layer of protective film with filling the gap between the metal.
2. Widely used in metal surface to make it dampproof,anticorrosion,shock absorption and reduce the damage to the metal. Meanwhile,it can strengthen their toughness and improve their tensile strength.




1. Quick-drying, sprayed and environmental vaporous liquid with slightly irritant gas;
2. No damage to all metal;
3. Non-toxic and no phenols, cyanide or other heavy metal elements;
4. Easy to film, can be repaired and colored according to the requirements without impacting the disassembly and repair of the device.


Use Method

1. Placed in a cool and ventilated place. Avoid direct insolate and contacting heat source;
2. Pay attention to fire prevention, explosion proof and static;
3. Avoid mixing with water;
4. Avoid inhalation.