Organic Silicone Potting Gel



OSPG series is two-component silicone potting gel that can form a rubber elastomer
after curing under room or high temperature.It is suitable for Lithium Battery Packing
and high-power element like Ignition Module Power Supply of Automobile.

1.It has low proportion and is advantageous to Lightweight.
2.It has high thermal conductivity and excellent heat dissipation effect in high-power
3.It has excellent weather resistance,high temperature resistance,fire resistance,ageing resistance and electrical insulating property.
4.It has low viscosity,good fluidity,insulation,sealing and performance of bubble

discharge.It can infiltrate into the small space.

Product Name
Organic Silicone Potting Gel


Use technology
1.Weight the two component(1:1) and put them into the mixing tank to stir uniformly (2-5 minute). The error cannot be more than 10%, or it will affect the performance after curing.
2.Pour the mixed compound into the devices within 40 hours. The vacuum deaeration can be skipped Under normal circumstances .If the High thermal conductivity is required, the vacuum deaeration is advised to do before the pouring. The curing time can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements.