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The Introduction to Optical Cable Filling Products


Product name: glass fiber yarn.

Features: Make the optical cable compact, increase the tensile and compressive strength of the optical cable; it ensures that the optical cable can still work normally even when the temperature is too high or too low, and adapt to more harsh environments; the insulating characteristics make it free from Suffering from lightning strikes or other electromagnetic disturbances.

Compatibility: It has good compatibility with other materials of optical cables.

Craftsmanship: Lightweight, flexible, and easy to use.

Application: As a non-metallic strength member for optical cables, it is widely used in all-dielectric optical cables.


① Non-water-blocking loose glass fiber yarn-600tex

② Non-water-blocking loose glass fiber yarn-785tex

③Non-water-blocking loose glass fiber yarn-1200tex

④ Non-water-blocking glass fiber yarn-600tex

⑤ Non-water-blocking glass fiber yarn-785tex

⑥ Non-water-blocking glass fiber yarn-1200tex

⑦Water-blocking glass fiber yarn-600tex

⑧Water-blocking glass fiber yarn-785tex

⑨Water-blocking glass fiber yarn-1200tex

Product Name: Security cable filled with waterproof glue.

Model: FS-100

Features: Special functional modification endows it with excellent wettability. After heating, it can quickly and fully wet the metal conductor of the electronic wire, fill it into the micron-scale gap formed by the twisted metal conductor, and eliminate the air in the gap. Cool to normal temperature and return to a semi-solid state, no longer flow, play a water-proof and waterproof effect, prevent the cable from being corroded by water vapor, oxygen, water, or other fluids entering the cable in the later application, to ensure digital information transmission stability and security.


① High and low-temperature performance, excellent oxidation resistance, and weather resistance;

② The system does not separate oil, has low acid value, strong water resistance, and does not emulsify;

③Excellent dielectric and electrical properties;

④Good corrosion resistance and excellent compatibility;

⑤After melting, the viscosity of the system is low, and it is easy to infiltrate and process;

⑥Soft texture, excellent adhesion;

Application: Suitable for high-end electronic precision cables that require higher cable waterproof performance, such as security cables, medical cables, automotive wiring harnesses, communication cables, consumer electronics cables, etc.


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